Saturday, July 25, 2009

KAF: Chocolate Stout Cake

For the Mr. Nomad Foodie's birthday, I thought I would try this Chocolate Stout Cake, described as "amazing marriage of flavors for grownup tastes." Mr. Nomad Foodie loves chocolate and is an avid home brewer, so it sounded perfect!

I did reduce the sugar by 20% and was dumb and used regular cocoa instead of dutch-process cocoa - so the cake rose unevenly. However, since I had baked it in a bundt pan, the uneven top wasn't obvious once I took the cake out of the pan. The cake did end up taking about 75 minutes in the oven.

The verdict? Meh. It was good, but not fabulous. Not something I feel compelled to bake again.

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