Sunday, December 14, 2014

Baked Pacherri Pasta Stuffed with Ricotta Mushroom Filling

This was an experiment as I had a lot of enoki mushrooms and ricotta to use up. I sautéed chopped enoki mushrooms with some garlic, and then folded it into ricotta. I stood the Pacherri on end in a casserole, put the filling into a plastic bag and piped it into the tubes, then covered the whole in bottled pasta sauce and sprinkled with cheese. I baked it in an oven for 45 minutes. Next time I'll actually pre-cook the pasta before as it came out very chewy, but it wasn't bad.

Monday, October 13, 2014

KAF Easy Cheesecake with Thermapen

Mr. Nomad Foodie gave me a Thermapen recently. Tonight I made King Arthur's Easy Cheesecake - it's been awhile since I've made it, and I wasn't paying close attention as I was cleaning up the kitchen. The cheesecake is clearly too brown, and the thermometer bears witness: the pie registered at 190°F when I took it out, 20°F higher than it should be. Tomorrow I'll know for sure how it's affected the texture.

Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Travel Update

The world (23 countries; 25 if you count Hong Kong and Macau separately, 10% of the world):
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The United States (29 states, 56%):
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Canada (3 states, 23%):

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Monday, February 10, 2014

Hot-smoked salmon with dill pasta

I keep buying hot-smoked salmon from Costco in an attempt to up my Omega-3 intake, but most recipes that use smoked salmon refer to cold-smoked salmon (the kind you'd put on your bagel with cream cheese). Then, the packets of salmon just sit around my pantry forever.

Anyways, I found this recipe from BBC Good Food (seems like hot-smoked salmon is more common in the UK than in the US). I didn't have just plain peas, so I subbed the frozen veg mix I had on hand, as well as leftover heavy cream for the creme fraiche. Still quick and delicious!

Little Miss Nomad Foodie seemed to like the salmon and dill, but not as much as the pasta Bolognaise that I made a couple of weeks ago.