Sunday, July 17, 2016

Eat: Xoco (Chicago, IL)

We had the Goat Barbacoa Torta and Chicken Escabeche Salad, the first time I've had chicken that was perfectly cooked, instead of dry, in a salad. The children had tortilla chips, Chicken Caldo, and Horchata Agua Frescas. For dessert, we had the Dark Chocolate Cherry Tart and Hazelnut-glazed Churro. The adults preferred the tart, which was not as sweet and had more complex flavor, to the churro. We also enjoyed the choice of complimentary still or sparkling water. Service was uniformly excellent, delivered with a real sense of warmth.

Chicken Escabeche Salad
Dark Chocolate Cherry Tart
Hazelnut-glazed Churro
Update (July 25, 2016) - I returned on our last day in Chicago to order their hot chocolate, both the authentic and classic. Both were excellent although the children did not care for bittersweet chocolate flavor, even though both were very smooth. At first, I thought the cups were rather small, but after drinking them, they are perhaps a shade generous given the richness of the drink.

My favorite restaurant experience in Chicago.

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