Friday, March 10, 2017

China Airlines Family Couch Review

While travel bloggers were all aflutter in 2014 about the redesigned Business and Premium Economy products, complete with tea-tasting area and cocktail bar, on China Airline's new Boeing 777-300ER, as a mother of two young kids, I was most interested in their Family Couch product in Economy class.

I originally wrote this review in 2015 (but never published it), and continue to stand by it - this is now my preferred way to make the annual trip from Taipei to Los Angeles and back.

The Family Couch technology was licensed from Air New Zealand, where it is known as the Skycouch. In the first 10 rows of Economy, on the right hand side behind the exit row seats, are special seats that can be converted into a single lie-flat sofa bed by raising the footrests and armrests 90 degrees, and then adding a mattress pad. The Family Couch, in theory, allows passengers (up to two adults with one small child, or one adult with up to two small children) to lie down horizontally across the seat cushions and extended footrests. There are special seat belt attachments so that one can be safely strapped in while lying down.

Every summer, I make the trek with my kids, ages 5 and 2, across the Pacific between Taipei and Los Angeles. Paying a $200 surcharge each way to give my kids space to stretch out and sleep over a long-haul flight versus buying three pricey business class seats (and with two really young kids, I know that even with business class seats they would all end up in my seat anyway since those are spaced too far apart for their liking) sounded like a great deal. I hoped with the extra space, and me being close by, my kids would sleep well by themselves, thereby giving me more comfort. Plus, since this was a new product, when purchasing the tickets we paid a promotional rate of $190 (a 5% discount) for each leg.

When we arrived at Taiwan Taoyuan Airport, the check-in area was a zoo due to multiple flights sharing close departure times. Signs directing passengers to the correct check-in counter were obscured by the long lines. The agent in charge of managing crowds seemed new because she didn't know where to direct me, either. Eventually, we managed to check in and rushed to our departure gate.

As an aside, traveling with two kids at the Taiwan Taoyuan Airport is easy because passengers with young children are directed to the priority/express lines through security and emigration. If only service was this family-friendly in the U.S.! And, while I didn't use them on this trip, the airport has some very nice nursing rooms with comfortable areas to relax, hot and cold drinking water dispensers, changing tables, and at the time I visited several years ago, complimentary diapers! The airport also features a Hello Kitty-themed lounge and gate.

In any case, I appreciated the express service through security and emigration as arrived at the gate to find boarding well underway. Boarding was quick and smooth. The airplane interior, in my opinion, looks much better in person than in photos - much more elegant than I expected. 

The Family Couch section is in the front rows of the Economy Cabin, just behind the exit row, on the right side of the plane.
Our seats were in Row 41. Per Seat Guru, Economy Class seats are 17-inches wide and have a 32-inch seat pitch and a 120-degree recline. Regardless of the official numbers, I definitely noticed a lot more space between my knees and the seat in front of me compared to domestic U.S. flights, so I'm sure taller passengers (I'm 5'4") would appreciate the legroom. 

The seats also featured an 11.1" touchscreen in the seat back. I noticed that the entertainment offerings had expanded dramatically from the past, with both preschooler-appropriate offerings as well as options that would be appealing to older kids. Nothing is more frustrating than a flight where the "family" entertainment options are only appropriate for grade-school kids.

The tray tables also had a unique half-fold design, so that it could folded down at half-length during snack time to allow additional space to maneuver. Both configurations have indentations to hold a cup. My tip to help prevent spills in-flight is to bring your own sippy cups and ask the flight attendants to serve drinks in there.

Pre-flight nursing session, and the unique half-fold tray tables.
At some point, the flight attended walked by and deposited, without explanation, a vinyl case with various seatbelt attachments and what appeared to be a blanket in a plastic bag. As I was still trying to get my kids settled and stuff put away, I didn't want to deal with an additional blanket but later realized it was the mattress pad. The mattress pad was really more of a thin picnic blanket, with corduroy fabric on one side and a smooth fabric on the other. Nevertheless, it was perfectly fine in unifying the sleeping space (and covering up nooks and crannies for crumbs to fall into...easier to brush off!). While the China Airlines website advertised a "toy for young traveler" for those traveling in Family Couch, we did not receive it.

(Note: on subsequent trips, we have received a travel-appropriate toy such as a memory card game; the toys seem aimed at young elementary school and kindergartener-aged children.)

The Family Couch "mattress pad."
My kids were soon buckled up and occupied with their Melissa & Doug Water Wow "coloring" boards, which I presented to them on the trip - best in-flight toy ever

Travel must-have: Melissa & Doug Water Wow Activity Books
We had a very smooth flight. I always order special meals so that we can be served first (and use the toilets before lines form after meal service!), and on this flight I had ordered a fruit plate for my eldest (a picky eater who loves fruit), a child meal for my youngest, and an Oriental vegetarian meal for myself. The meals were reasonably healthy and tasty, and I was glad that I finally figured out the best combination of meals to order that satisfied my kids.

Oriental Vegetarian meal on China Airlines

Child meal on China Airlines
After dinner, I set up the Family Couch, which was pretty straightforward. The flight attendant came over at this point and was helpful in pointing out the location of the anchor point for one of the seatbelt extensions. I really appreciated the extra space at this point, as my kids were able to spread out while watching the favorite programs (what little girl doesn't love "Frozen"?).

Stretched out comfortably and enjoying in-flight entertainment.
Soon enough the kids wanted to sleep and they were able to stretch out quite comfortably, and fall asleep relatively quickly. Unfortunately, I had to return the seats to the regular configuration just before the plane made its final descent, but still having the flat seat cushions and arm rests that rotated fully up was quite helpful. I myself played with my seat configuration, sometimes extending it fully, which was nice if I wanted to sit cross-legged, or just partially raised to use as a leg rest. For most of the flight, only the leg rests of my kids' seats were fully extended, and that was enough space for them.

I really enjoyed the Family Couch, and think it is an ideal solution for travelers with young kids. Depending upon your children, I think it's an even better option than China Airlines' Business and Premium Economy offerings, since the seats aren't in individual "pods" (my kids like to snuggle with mom!), and of course, it's much cheaper. Despite what the seat placard says, I wouldn't go for the Family Couch option if I was a single traveler or even a couple, because at most one would have 51" to stretch out across. I am really thankful to have this family-friendly option, and this product has definitely become a preferred choice for future flights.

One final point that I would note for travelers seated in exit row seats on the right side immediately in front of the Family Couch section is to expect more jostling. While I certainly stopped my kids from kicking the seats in front, with the extended leg rest, you're bound to feel more nudges from kids tossing and turning in the row behind. On my flight, the entire Family Couch section was filled with young families, so that would be something to keep in mind as a single traveler.

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  1. Hi - Thanks for writing this review on the family couch. One question - Were you able to sleep horizontally with your kids or is there not enough room for two kids and one adult to do that? I have three kids (10 years old, 8 years old, and a 3 year old) and I am hoping that they would all fit. From your review, its sounds like you just sat upright the entire time. Is that true? If so, then is it safe to say that you were able to manipulate the mattress pad for use on just two of the seats? Thanks again for the review and I am looking forward to your response.

    1. Hi Linda!

      There's not enough room for an adult to sleep horizontally. I'd say your 8yo and 3yo would definitely fit. There's not any extra seat pitch in economy, so I found it enough to accommodate two kids, but I don't think three would fit easily lying down.

      I did sit upright the entire time. There was a slight recline function to the seats that all economy seats have, and with the special foot rest, I was able to manipulate it so that it was fully extended (where I'd sit cross-legged), slightly extended (where it functioned as a foot rest), or full closed (where I had more leg room). This made it more comfortable for me than a typical economy class seat.

      And yes, the mattress pad was more of a picnic blanket, so it was easy to fold and just put it on two of the seats.

      I hope this information helps you to figure out a combination that works for you and your family. Happy travels!

  2. Thanks for writing this detailed review!! I'm flying with my two kids to Taipei in a month and we booked the family couch, but I haven't been able to find much in the way of details on how it works in reality. Do all three of you have to be in the normal seats upright with the footrests down on takeoff and landing? I assume so but want to be sure.

    1. Yes, during takeoff and landing the seats must be upright with the footrests down. The flight attendants distribute the mattress pad and seatbelt extensions once the plane is cruising, and collect them as they prepare the plane for arrival.

  3. Thank you so much for your post. I am traveling with family for 4 with my 2year old and 8 months old. We purchased 1 family coach for me and my 2 year old but my husband is seated up front with a bassinet with my 8 months old so we will be separated. My question is, do you think we can 1) fit my 2 kids with me in family coach and have my husband seat next to us but my 2 year old rolls around or 2) keep the bassinet but seat separately or 3) get 2 family coach to seat next to each other? Thanks !

    1. Even if you sat separately, you wouldn't be that far from your husband with your 8mo in the bassinet. I've almost always been in the first row behind the exit row when seated in the Family Couch, and it's the center seats on the exit row that access the bassinet.

      I know some parents aren't comfortable having a 2yo and infant sleeping next to each other, but it really depends on your infant and how well they sleep. With an 8mo, I think you'd have to buy a seat for them as well if you wanted the 3 seats in Family Couch, but you should check with China Airlines. My eldest never slept well in a bassinet, but my youngest could, so it really depends.

  4. Hi, Do you think it'll be optimal to purchase for my wife, myself and our son who is 15 months? If i do purchase the family couch? do you think I should still have a car seat and can you even install a car seat in the family couch? thanks for your help!

    1. Hi, I totally think it's worthwhile to buy Family Couch for a family of three. Since each seat can be raised separately to form a flat surface, you'd have that much more room for your son to stretch out, which would give the two of you more room, even if, say, one parent got stuck next to the window.

      I personally do not like bringing a car seat on board. I did it once and vowed never to do it again. First, you'd have to check to see if your car seat is FAA approved. Even then, most car seats are quite large and economy not. Even though my kids napped a lot in their car seats on car rides, it wasn't worth the hassle of lugging it onto the plane because they couldn't sleep the entire flight in the car seat - it just wasn't comfortable for the 12 hours of a trans-Pacific flight. With the Family Couch option, which is like stretching out on a bed for them, they were able to sleep longer stretches because they were able to adjust their bodies to more comfortable positions.

  5. hi, is it worth it for 2 adults and one 15 month old? is there room for a car seat and should we even bother with a car seat? Thanks for your help

    1. Hi H,

      I'm sorry to have taken so long to respond. Yes, I think it's worth it for your family, and no I wouldn't bother with the car seat. You'll have more room for your family this way. Happy travels!

  6. Would this be usable by one senior citizen? Is there room for one adult to lay down?

    1. Honestly, if you have just one senior citizen traveling alone, I would splurge for either their Premium Economy or Business class products. I just checked their website and the cost for the Family Couch option is TWD 30,000 or $1,000, would would be in addition to the cost of a Economy class ticket. I'm guessing the total cost would make those premium products a better value.

      Where the Family Couch shines is when flying with small children, who wouldn't appreciate the features of a premium class seat and would probably in fact prefer closer proximity to a parent. Also, raising and lowering the leg cushion to make a flat surface takes a little bit of effort, and I'm assuming the same can be achieved in a Business class seat at the push of a button.

    2. The cost for the Family Couch option with the purchase of one Economy Class ticket is TWD 30,000 or US$1,000. The charge is a lot less if you are purchasing two or three Economy Class tickets.

  7. Thank you for your help, you read my mind. Good advice.

  8. Hi there! Thanks so much for this review! Could you explain the process for purchasing the family couch option? Looking to purchase for my wife and 2 year old. Thanks!

    1. There are two ways I've purchased Family Couch in the past:
      1. asking my travel agent to book the service along with the tickets;
      2. booking the tickets and then calling China Airlines directly to purchase Family Couch.
      Happy travels!